Attack in the South of France

A group of militant French wine producers carried out an attack on a Regional Directorate building in Carcassonne.

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Thailand Slashes Taxes on Wine

Thailand has an unusually high alcohol tax and one of the most complex excise tax systems in the world. The new government is making life a little easier for the wine trade.

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Germans Are Drinking Less Wine, Including Less German Wine

Wine sales are declining in Germany, one of the world's biggest import markets.

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New Report Describes Polarized Wine Industry and Raises Questions Over PDOs

Robert Joseph analyses the 'State of the International Wine Market in 2022', a report published by Rafael Del Rey and Prof Simone Loose.

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OIV: New Export and Import Champions

In the annual report on the global wine industry, the OIV highlights significant shifts taking place. Germany is no longer maintaining its position as the world's leading importer, and a new export champion from the New World has emerged. Clemens Gerke reports.

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The Wine Industry Remains Resilient

This year's OIV report takes a look into the industry's challenging state. From the USA overtaking Germany as the world's largest wine importer, to China's wine market continuing its decline. With a focus on supply chain disruptions, inflation, and sustainability, the wine industry is resilient and ready to face the future.

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Germany: Imports Fall

Wine imports to Germany fell to 13.3m hl in 2022 from 14.3m hl in 2021 (-6.8%). The total value decreased from €2.75bn to €2.7bn (-2%), according to preliminary figures published by the German Winegrowers' Association based on data from the Federal Statistical Office.

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Has China Slammed Door on Australian and New Zealand Imports?

Unconfirmed reports suggesting that Beijing has blocked the importation of all Australian and New Zealand goods are denied in both countries, while China remains silent.

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