ProWein Wants to go Back to the Future

More than 6,000 exhibitors so far. 2019 is our benchmark," said Michael Degen at the ProWein Media Summit, where the ProWein Business Report was presented. 

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Michael Degen, Executive Director of Messe Düsseldorf, aims to return ProWein 2023 to record levels
Michael Degen, Executive Director of Messe Düsseldorf, aims to return ProWein 2023 to record levels

As the Executive Director of Messe Düsseldorf pointed out, ProWein 2023 will have the same exhibition space as in 2019 with 72,000 m². "The extremely high internationality is our USP," Degen explained. Even in 2022, 62% came from abroad. In 2023, 89% of the exhibitors will come from outside Germany.

The strongest participation is from Italy with 1,300 exhibitors, followed by France with 1,100. Germany and Spain each provide 700 exhibitors. Roughly 4,500 of the over 6,000 total exhibitors come from the EU. More than 400 wine regions from around the world are represented, as well as 500 spirits suppliers.

In 2019, Messe Düsseldorf recorded 6,900 exhibitors and 61,500 visitors. "In terms of exhibitor numbers, our expectations have already been met," Degen said. On the demand side, he expects more than 50,000 visitors to the fair between 19 and 21 March 2023, up from the 38,000 visitors who joined the 5,700 exhibitors in 2022. There are good indicators for these figures. The fair is urgently needed, he says, as new sales channels have to be opened up again after a three-year break.

Degen expects the trend towards wines in the "no and low alcohol" category to continue. ProWein has created the special World of Zero zone for these together with Meininger Verlag. The subject of alternative packaging will also be a focus.

The international ProWein fairs remain an important factor for Messe Düsseldorf ProWein's owner. Tokyo the latest project will be an important building block. In 2023, it will remain under the name Wine & Gourmet Festival, before it is launched in 2024 under the name ProWine Tokyo. "Japan has great potential and a large base of experienced wine consumers," said Degen.




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