Champagne Takes Steps to Prevent Another Tragic Harvest

After five deaths during the 2023 harvest, the Champagne region has implemented a comprehensive action plan to better protect workers in the future.

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Shocking Working Conditions in Champagne

A report of the Franco-German TV channel Arte sheds light on the working conditions of harvest workers in Champagne.

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The Global Wine Industry Grapples with Labour Shortages

It's not just a hospitality problem. Other sectors within the wine industry are also lamenting a lack of workers.

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Inhumane Harvest Conditions in Champagne

The Châlons-en-Champagne prosecutor's office has initiated several investigations into human trafficking. There have been reports of fatalities due to the heat during the harvest.

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Brazilian Wine Giants Linked to 'Conditions Analogous to Slavery'

Three of Brazil’s biggest wineries, have been suspended by ApexBrasil, the government Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, following an operation to rescue over 200 workers from what were described as “conditions analogous to slavery”. The story could affect Brazil's ambition to boost wine exports. Alexandra Corvo and Robert Joseph report.

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Family Wineries in Turmoil

Why most family wineries won’t survive, and what others are doing to ensure that they will. Roger Morris reports.

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Robotic Vehicles are Driving into the World’s Vineyards

California is catching up with Europe with driverless tractors, and ones that can multitask while running on renewable electricity. Roger Morris reports.

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