Direct-to-Consumer Sales Boom in the US

The annual SVB Direct to Consumer Report reveals just how different the US wine market is from Europe. Robert Joseph wonders whether it might have lessons to teach other markets.

Reading time: 2m 45s

US Wine Industry Fights Back With New Marketing Campaigns

It might feel like it’s all gloom and doom in the wine industry right now, but two separate groups are creating positive energy around wine. Felicity Carter reports.

Reading time: 6m 30s

Japan: an Attractive Market Says New Report

A new ProWine report by Professor Simone Loose of Geisenheim University has found that exporters see Japan as a key market, thanks to its appreciation for quality and readiness to pay premium prices. 

Reading time: 2m 45s

5 Trends in the US Beverage Alcohol Market

Wine sales in the US market fell slightly in 2023. According to NIQ, there are fundamental shifts underway in the beverage alcohol market. Felicity Carter reports.

Reading time: 6m

Devil’s Advocate: Wine Has Lost Its Divine Right to Supremacy

Many wine people imagine that their favourite alcoholic beverage is innately superior to any others. Robert Joseph suggests that pursuing this line may not prove to be very productive.

Reading time: 4m

Pessimistic Forecasts for the Global Wine Trade

Sopexa's Wine Trade Monitor identifies sustainability as an important sales criterion for wine, which is understood very differently depending on the country.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Silicon Valley Bank Report: Flat Market and Overproduction

The annual SVB report may be focused on the California industry but, given the importance of the US market, its findings are of global significance.

Reading time: 2m 30s

ProWein Business Report: Challenging in Retrospect; Optimistic Looking Forward

Annually, the ProWein Business Report spotlights the wine industry's paramount issues. A unanimous consensus emerges on rising costs as the primary challenge. However, opinions diverge on strategies to counteract consumption decline. Alexandra Wrann reports.

Reading time: 5m

Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Grow Significantly in Major Markets

The consumption of (partially) de-alcoholized beverages is expected to continue growing as new customers are entering the market.

Reading time: 1m 15s