More Environmental Protection in Saint-Émilion

Winemakers in several Bordeaux AOPs must show environmental certification.

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Environmental protection in vineyards (Photo: Freeprod/
Environmental protection in vineyards (Photo: Freeprod/

Environmental protection is now mandatory in the Saint-Émilion AOPs. The new requirements for the Saint-Émilion, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, Lussac Saint-Émilion and Puisseguin Saint-Émilion appellations stipulate that producers must have level two environmental certification or organic certification by 1 January 2023. This is reported by the industry magazine Vitisphere. Level 2 certificates are, for example, the labels HVE, Terra Vitis, Agriconfiance or also SME de Bordeaux.

"Although environmental certification is widespread in viticulture and about 100 wine appellations have included environmental measures in their specifications, no appellation had made them mandatory in their specifications so far", says Christian Paly, president of the INAO's National Committee for Appellations of Origin for Wines, Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits (CNAOV). For the first time, this is now the case for the appellations named above.

According to the Conseil des Vins de Saint-Émilion, almost 90% of the estates are now certified or involved in at least one environmental certification. 45% of the certified estates have a HVE (High Environmental Value) label. The proportion of organically farmed vineyards is 20% of the winegrowing area. It remains to be seen whether other appellations will follow suit. PD

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