Will Insurers Make Climate Change Sceptics Change Their Minds?

Vineyards across the world have been badly hit by changing weather patterns. Is the wine industry sufficiently prepared for the consequences of these changes? A commentary by Anja Zimmer.

Reading time: 1m 45s

Insurance: the Other Threat to the Wine Industry

Catastrophic events of recent years have driven hikes in insurance premiums to stratospheric levels. Jeff Siegel reports.

Reading time: 5m

Catastrophe Strikes Brazil’s Vineyards

The South of Brazil has been hit by torrential rains that have killed at least 90 people and displaced 155,000 more. Brazil’s vineyards are also badly damaged. Lucia Porto reports.

Reading time: 4m 15s

Ahr: "Lost Barrels" for a New Beginning

The German Meyer-Näkel winery rescued nine 'Lost Barrels' from the catastrophic floods that occurred in the Ahr Valley in July 2021. The allocation process for this wine is set to begin soon.

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Georgian Wine Producers Lose up to 100% of their Vines in Storms Affecting 4,600ha

On the evening of September 2, hailstorms of unprecedented ferocity tore through the Georgia’s largest wine region, Kakheti, where around 80% of the country’s wines are produced.

Reading time: 50s

The Ahr Disaster: Two Years Later

Two years after the flood disaster in the Ahr region, much still remains to be rebuilt. For self-marketing vintners, the destroyed infrastructure hits harder than the loss of harvest. Susanne Salzgeber reports.

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Solidarity for Emilia-Romagna

An overview of support measures for the victims of the floods. Surprisingly the Italian wine industry remains silent, as the people count on the support of the public.

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Disastrous Floods in Emilia Romagna

Following the devastating storms in Emilia-Romagna, many villages in the mountains are still isolated. The extent of the damage will only gradually become clear. Veronika Crecelius reports.

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