Marilisa Allegrini Welcomes Andrea Lonardi MW

The former COO of Angelini Wines & Estates will now support the company as an Executive Advisor. Lonardi is set to enhance the existing terroirs and promote the company's growth.

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Andrea Lonardi with Marilisa Allegrini and her daughters. (Photo: Marilisa Allegrini)
Andrea Lonardi with Marilisa Allegrini and her daughters. (Photo: Marilisa Allegrini)

After the founding of the Marilisa Allegrini Group, Lady Amarone has brought in Andrea Lonardi as CEO. Italy’s second Master of Wine had resigned from his position as COO of Angelini Wines & Estates in March. "He will lead our team in a project focused on enhancing the territories where we operate. He will support the growth of the company's organization with the goal of consolidating and developing our assets in production, marketing, and sales. Additionally, he will be an important mentor for my daughters, Carlotta and Caterina, providing them with experienced guidance they can rely on in their professional development within the company," stated Marilisa Allegrini in an announcement.

Born in 1974, Andrea Lonardi will not work exclusively for Marilisa Allegrini but will serve as an Executive Advisor. He has developed his own consultancy concept called ‘Andrea Lonardi Cultivating Legacy.’ He describes his project as “a philosophical commitment to building long-term, equitable relationships with producers, fostering a sense of accountability and a culture of shared success and sustainable practices, while at the same time preserving a story of heritage."

The Master of Wine, who also comes from Valpolicella and served as COO of Angelini Wines & Estates, overseeing the Amarone classic Bertani, is looking forward to collaborating with his former competitor.

"I will bring all my experience, creativity, and vision in the field of fine wines to support the development in Bolgheri, Montalcino, and the Veronese appellations. Together with Marilisa, Carlotta, and Caterina, we will tackle the complexity of today's market and develop corporate structuring strategies that respect their history while also embracing innovation and generational change," said Lonardi. VC


Following Andrea Lonardi's transition, Angelini Wines & Estates announces the appointment of a new CEO.

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