CEEV Demands Proceedings Against Ireland

The dispute over Irish labeling regulations is entering the next phase. A procedure for breach of contract is imminent.

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Has Ireland violated EU law? (Photo: respiro888/stock.adobe.com)
Has Ireland violated EU law? (Photo: respiro888/stock.adobe.com)

The European Wine Trade Association (CEEV) has filed a formal complaint against Ireland with the European Commission. As the association reports, an infringement procedure is to be initiated against the EU member.

This is due to the new labeling regulations for alcoholic beverages in Ireland, with which the local government wants to combat alcohol abuse. The CEEV accuses Ireland of not distinguishing between alcohol abuse and moderate wine consumption. In addition, Ireland is alleged to violate EU legally established labeling requirements and impede the free internal market. The country is also in breach of Articles 34 and 36 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

"We support the fight against alcohol abuse, but are firmly convinced that this goal could be achieved through more effective and less trade-restrictive measures, which should also be in compliance with existing EU law," says CEEV President Mauricio González-Gordon. 

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