Portugal Expects a Large Harvest

Portugal's wine grape harvest is predicted to be 8% greater than last year.

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The wine vintage in the Azores is better than in previous years.
The wine vintage in the Azores is better than in previous years.

In 2022, the wine harvest in Portugal suffered due to heat and drought, resulting in lower yields, especially in the Douro and Lisboa regions. However, this year's forecast indicates that the country is on the path to recovery. According to estimates from the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (IVV), a total of 7.4m hectoliters will be produced, representing an 8% increase.

The Douro region shows the most significant growth in absolute numbers, with an additional production of about 146,000 hectoliters, equivalent to a 10% increase. Remarkably, the Açores region, located in the Azores island group in the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1,420 km east of Lisbon, experiences the highest relative growth, with a staggering 165% increase, resulting in a total quantity of 12,000 hectoliters. This indicates a significant rise in popularity for the smallest Portuguese wine region.

However, the outlook for the winemakers in Dão is not as optimistic, as they are expected to maintain a production level of approximately 279,000 hectoliters, similar to that of the previous year. This region encountered difficulties in managing Downy mildew, which also affected all the northern regions, in addition to experiencing local hail damage. MS

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The Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture allocates up to €20m to distill overproduction.

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