Solidarity for Emilia-Romagna

An overview of support measures for the victims of the floods. Surprisingly the Italian wine industry remains silent, as the people count on the support of the public.

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Flooded vineyards in the plains
Flooded vineyards in the plains

Two weeks after the massive floods and landslides in Emilia-Romagna, the cleanup operations are still underway. The infrastructure remains severely affected, with destroyed roads rendering some areas almost inaccessible.

Interrupted power lines are causing delays in crucial measures. Within the wine industry's reach, which accounts for 53,000 hectares of vineyards in the region, the spraying programmes currently holds the utmost importance. However, many vineyards are so waterlogged that tractors cannot access them.

€10 billion in damages in Emilia-Romagna

With such a large area, it is logical that the damages are widely distributed. Some businesses, such as the cooperatives Caviro and Terre Cevico, have been relatively fortunate in their operations. "Our production center has been spared from the water, but the functionality of our cooperative is limited because 30% of our employees have to deal with the flooding in their own homes. Additionally, logistical problems in transportation have thrown our supply chain into crisis. We have not been able to bottle since May 17," describes Marco Nannetti, President of Terre Cevico, to Gambero Rosso.

Stefano Bonaccini, President of Emilia-Romagna, estimates the damages to be up to €10bn, including the costs of production losses. The government has approved a €2bn aid package. During her visit to Emilia-Romagna, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was so concerned that she promised support from EU funds. But this will take time, as a needs and damage assessment has to be carried out before the funds can be released.

Fundraising campaigns in Italy

The association "Citta del Vino," a union of 430 wine communities, has organized fundraising campaigns to provide concrete support to two of the affected member communities.

  • The city of Bertinoro is collecting donations under the reference "Donazione emergenza alluvione," 
    IBAN IT 91 K 03069 13298 100 000 300 017, BIC-Swift BCITITMM,
    recipient Comune di Bertinoro.
  • The Comune Mercato Saraceno is requesting support under "Donazione per alluvione Mercato Saraceno Maggio 2023,"
    Credit Agricole Italia S.P.A. branch in Mercato Saraceno
    IBAN: IT 89 Q 06230 67850 0000 3003 7594, BIC-Swift: CRPPIT2P073.
  • Slow Food Italy has also set up a donation account under the keyword "Emergenza in Emilia-Romagna" at Banca Sella,
    IBAN IT 73 B 03268 46040 0529044 02311,
    recipient Slow Food Italia Aps. Slow
    Food promises to be accountable for the use of every euro donated.
  • The largest channel for direct aid in the disaster areas is the Civil Protection of Emilia-Romagna. They also disclose donation amounts and the use of funds.
    IBAN IT69 G020 0802 4350 0010 4428 964, BIC-Swift: UNCRITM1OM0.

No joint initiative from the Italian wine industry 

There is no joint initiative from Italian winemakers or industry associations to demonstrate their solidarity with their colleagues in words and actions. Even the association of independent winemakers FIVI (Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti) remains silent. However, thousands of people from neighboring villages and across Italy have helped with the cleanup, known in Italy as "angeli del fango," the mud angels.

Nevertheless, individual companies are involved in assisting the region. Perhaps most prominently, the Trentodoc producer Ferrari is conducting a campaign by auctioning a Jeroboam bottle with signatures from the racers of this year's world championship. Four days before the end of the auction, the highest bid on June 2, 2023, stood at €9,025. VC


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Following the devastating storms in Emilia-Romagna, many villages in the mountains are still isolated. The extent of the damage will only gradually become clear. Veronika Crecelius reports.

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