Sweden Bids Farewell to Heavy Bottles

As a part of its commitment to reduce its environmental impact, the Swedish alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, has outlined specific maximum weights and permissible CO2 emissions for single-use glass in its purchasing conditions. 

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Lighter bottles, fewer emissions (Photo: Nicolas Herrbach/stock.adobe.com)
Lighter bottles, fewer emissions (Photo: Nicolas Herrbach/stock.adobe.com)

This initiative which comes into force on March 1st, 2024, plays a crucial role in Systembolaget's objective to decrease its environmental footprint by 50% by 2030. The weight limits for wine bottles ranging from 200 to 250 ml have been set at 360 grams, while for sparkling wine, the limit is 395 grams. For 0.75-liter bottles, the upper weight limit is 750 grams for still wine and 950 grams for sparkling wine. Bottles that exceed these weight restrictions will only be considered if they can demonstrate that they have CO2 emissions of less than five tons per year. This assessment is based on the quantities sold and the emissions generated per bottle.

Bottle weight table of Systembolaget
Bottle weight table of Systembolaget

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Ambitious goals

Systembolaget is working towards becoming climate-neutral by 2045. In the monopoly's online shop, customers can view the CO2 emissions of individual packaging types. The wine selection also offers numerous alternative packaging options such as pouches, Bag-in-Box, cans, or PET bottles.

The monopoly's scientifically-supported targets include ensuring that all beverage transport to and from Systembolaget operates without the use of fossil fuels. They aim to minimize emissions from cultivation and production, implement a circular economy, and recycle materials as much as possible. 


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