Wine Declines, Table Grapes Rise

The global grape production slightly declined in 2022. However, the production of table and dried grapes surged. Wine is among the biggest losers.

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The use of table grapes becomes increasingly important. (Photo: yellowpaul/
The use of table grapes becomes increasingly important. (Photo: yellowpaul/

The global grape production experienced a slight decline in 2022. According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), a total of 80.1m tons of grapes were harvested, representing a 3% decrease compared to the previous year. China remains the largest grape producer with a harvest of 15.6m tons, followed by Italy and France.

When examining the distribution of grape production based on its purpose, interesting dynamics can be observed. Table grape production saw a 3% increase, totaling 31.5m tons. The main producers of table grapes are China, India, Turkey, and Egypt. While Europe is the leading wine-producing continent, more than half of the table grapes are harvested in Asia. Meanwhile, other countries such as the United States, Chile, South Africa, and Brazil have established themselves as diverse producers of different grape varieties.

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In the annual report on the global wine industry, the OIV highlights significant shifts taking place. Germany is no longer maintaining its position as the world's leading importer, and a new export champion from the New World has emerged. Clemens Gerke reports.

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Diverse Use

In terms of applications, wine production, excluding juice and must, declined by 1% to 258m hectoliters, as reported by Meininger's International. This trend marks the fourth consecutive year in which wine production has slightly fallen below the 20-year average. Drought in Europe and average harvests in the Southern Hemisphere contributed to this decline.

On the other hand, dried grapes saw a 7% increase, totaling 1.4m tons. Turkey leads as the largest producer, followed by the United States. China has also emerged as a significant player in the raisin sector.

Overall, global grape production and wine-making show mixed results. While wine production is declining, table grapes and dried grapes are on the rise. Table grape production has doubled within 20 years. PD



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