Agreement on Short-Time Work at Freixenet

Freixenet and employee representatives have reached an agreement; short-time work will be implemented for the workforce in Catalonia.

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The headquarters of Freixenet in Catalonia.
The headquarters of Freixenet in Catalonia.

After the government of Catalonia rejected Freixenet's request for short-time work due to force majeure, citing the ongoing drought and low harvests, the Cava producer sought alternative options. Henkell Freixenet reports that they have reached an agreement with the employee representatives. The agreement is based on ‘economic, technical, organizational, or production-related reasons.’

The swift agreement now enables the introduction of short-time work for employees of Freixenet SA and Segura Viudas SAU. The arrangement will come into effect in May and is currently scheduled to last until December 31. Working hours will be reduced by 20% to 50%, the extent varying depending on the season and the further development of the drought. The agreement with the unions includes benefits from Grupo Freixenet beyond state benefits. Furthermore, protection for certain groups of employees, additional salaries, and vacation days have been agreed upon.


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