AI: Wine Recommendation 3.0

The Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) has developed a digital sommelier. The system - dubbed ‘Personal GPT Sommelier’ - will be used in the ‘hybrid wine bar’ BG3.0 Winebank in Bergamo. 

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Does the future of service lie in AI systems? (Photo: Rainer Zapka, rtype/
Does the future of service lie in AI systems? (Photo: Rainer Zapka, rtype/

The Artificial Intelligence platform ChatGPT – the initials stand for Generative Pre-Training Transformer - is a hot topic now as students, journalists and marketers explore its ability to create informative text on a wide range of subjects. The Italian industry platform WineNews now reports its pioneering use as a computerized sommelier.

According to IWCB, you can give your personal digital sommelier – a sombot? - a name and interact with him "like with a human being". According to the report, the technology responds to questions in complete, fluent sentences and provides credible answers based on deep-learning data. In the process, the digital sommelier ‘remembers’ his guests - or rather their user accounts - and learns their personal preferences.

Learning user preferences: What has already been drunk? What tasted good?

Training, training, training

GPT applications are based on continuous expansion and optimization of their data set through constant training. Answering user questions helps them to learn; this is how artificial neural networks are created. However, this usually requires user feedback, which informs the artificial intelligence (AI) whether its suggestions were correct.

In general, the more input a GPT system receives from its users, the more precise and useful the answers will be.

‘Privilege Club’ in the Metaverse

The BG3.0 Winebank is designed to "connect the real and the metaverse". On the one hand, a  physical wine bar will open on the Piazetta Santo Spirito in Bergamo and offer food and wine events  along with virtual reality tastings using VR glasses. On the other hand, a so-called ‘Privilege Club’ will be created, offering "tastings, events and games in augmented reality" and where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used as certificates.

Privilege Club members will also each receive personal service from the Personal GPT Sommelier who/which will recommend suitable wines from their own wine cellar on request. The recommendations are stored in the database - in the form of NFTs in the IWCB's Metaverse.

The Italy Wine Crypto Bank is part of the Crypto World Wine Bank Project, a registered trademark of The I Factor LTD, a Hong Kong-based company that has been distributing Italian wine and food worldwide for over 12 years. VM




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