Bollinger Achieves B-Corp Certification

The prestigious Champagne house Bollinger is now saving 40% in greenhouse gas emissions and is committed to social concerns, with its commitment being reviewed every three years.

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The Bollinger team celebrates the B-Corp certification (Photo: Champagne Bollinger)
The Bollinger team celebrates the B-Corp certification (Photo: Champagne Bollinger)

Champagne Bollinger announced its B-Corp certification in September 2023, a status it has worked towards for two years to meet environmental and social charters as set by the company. This accomplishment is part of the goals Bollinger had set for its 200th-anniversary celebrations in 2029.

"This international certification sets very high standards in terms of social, community, and environmental performance," said Charles-Armand de Belenet, Managing Director of Champagne Bollinger. He added, "The process to achieve it is particularly demanding and includes a comprehensive review of company governance, our management of employees, partners, and customers, as well as our environmental policies." The company expresses pride in having already achieved this goal.

Responsibility and stewardship commitments

As part of the new certification and Bollinger's focus on sustainability, the company has named eight commitments it builds upon:

The creation of a Bollinger School for "refining Savoir-Faire"

  • Employee training programs
  • Ensuring team well-being through a safety culture, action plans, and campaigns for responsible alcohol consumption
  • Sustainable vineyard management and preservation of biodiversity
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint (reducing glass weight, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, etc.)
  • Development of a circular economy for waste production
  • Preservation of family heritage
  • Supporting the local ecosystem, which includes a local sustainability initiative that can be rewarded with the new Madame Bollinger Prize of €50,000.

With the B-Corp certification, Bollinger commits to "a structure of continuous improvement." Every three years, the company must undergo an evaluation and review process to demonstrate that it continues to meet the evolving certification standards.

Interviews Wine

Piper Heidsieck was the first Champagne house to be certified as a B Corp. Meininger’s talks to Emilien Boutillat, the company's winemaker, who was responsible for the certification of his brand, Charles Heidsieck and Rare Champagne.

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