Bordeaux for €1.66 Angers Producers

Several French associations are collectively protesting against dumping prices and are advocating for a minimum price of €3 per bottle.

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Bordeaux red wine is currently being sold at dumping prices in France, at least according to the producers. (Photo: JPchret/
Bordeaux red wine is currently being sold at dumping prices in France, at least according to the producers. (Photo: JPchret/

€1.99 per bottle at Aldi, €1.89 per bottle at Lidl and Leclerc, €1.66 per bottle at Carrefour – all consumer prices including taxes. As various French and international media report, such low corner prices for generic Bordeaux wines are currently driving wine producers in the south-west of France up the wall.

Unions demand higher prices

Recently, there have been protests against Négociant Castel Frères, with particular attention given to the involvement of union organizations such as Jeunes Agriculteurs de Gironde (JA) and Fédération nationale des syndicats d‘exploitants agricoles (FNSEA). Additionally, Confédération Paysanne de la Gironde, Coordination Rurale de la Gironde, and Collectif Viti 33 have also joined in denouncing the bargain prices. This collective protest, as quoted by the French portal Viti, states that these prices "do not take into account the economic, social, and ecological performance of the wine-producing companies." They argue that "a bottle of Bordeaux for under €3 does not remunerate the producer."

They demand compensation for producers based on production costs, which would inevitably lead to higher prices. This is supposed to be ensured by the existing Egalim law, which mandates automatic price adjustments in response to rising costs of agricultural commodities. Recently, for the first time, a winemaker successfully obtained compensation from two Négociants citing this law.


Many wine people imagine that their favourite alcoholic beverage is innately superior to any others. Robert Joseph suggests that pursuing this line may not prove to be very productive.

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Falling sales put pressure on the trade

The trade in the Bordeaux region is under pressure as global sales decline, which has particularly severe consequences for the region. To counteract overproduction, state and European subsidies have been provided to uproot approximately 10% of the vineyard area in the region. Despite these measures, prices for generic Bordeaux red wines are declining, although they have not yet reached the level that would necessitate crisis distillation compensation of €075 per liter. VM



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