Champagne 2022: Big and Good

The 2022 harvest in Champagne, which began on 20 August, is over, and grapegrowers and winemakers are looking forward to replenishing the region's empty cellars with plentiful stocks of high quality wine.

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Healthy grapes: harvest 2022 / Collection CIVC
Healthy grapes: harvest 2022 / Collection CIVC

Despite the dryness of summer, some timely rainfall ensured a large harvest, thus, 2022 is the sunniest vintage in Champagne, while at the same time a voluminous one.

As the Comité Champagne confirmed: "The quantity harvested was different in the individual sub-regions, but everywhere sufficient to reach this year's marketable yield of 12,000 kg/ha." He added that the must showed very good quality, with an average potential alcohol content of over 10% by volume and medium-range acidity.


"The quantity harvested was ... sufficient to reach this year's marketable yield of 12,000 kg/ha."

The president of the Champagne Vintners, Maxime Toubart, is pleased: "Thanks to an abundant and high-quality harvest, the winegrowers were able, with the exceptional approval of the INAO, to replenish their reserve, which was largely used up last year, in order to compensate for the losses of the 2021 wine year." In other words, many winemakers were able to harvest significantly more than 12,000 kg/ha and build new reserves with these excess quantities.

David Chatillon, President of the Champagne Houses, is also highly satisfied: "The demand from the markets is great. By the end of August, we have recorded an increase of 9% compared to the previous year - and this after an already remarkable year in 2021. The Champenoise are optimistic about the future despite the uncertain economic situation."



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