Champagne Henriot Changes Owner. Again

After just one year, the Artémis Group is parting ways with Champagne Henriot. A new owner has already been found.

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Champagne Henriot has changed ownership once again (Photo: Champagne Henriot/Facebook)
Champagne Henriot has changed ownership once again (Photo: Champagne Henriot/Facebook)

The Artémis Group is ending its partnership with Champagne Henriot after only one year. The new owner is Terroirs et Vignerons de Champagne (TEVC), the group behind Nicolas Feuillatte. It was only in the autumn of 2022 that Artémis, the owner of Château Latour among others, acquired Henriot along with William Fèvre (Chablis) and Bouchard Père & Fils (Beaune). Additionally, Artémis purchased Jacquesson (Champagne) from the Chiquet family.

The Henriot deal includes supply contracts for 106 hectares and 38 hectares of vineyards either in ownership or under long-term lease. The acquisition also encompasses stocks of several million bottles. TEVC also owns Nicolas Feuillatte, as well as De Castelnau and Abelé 1757.

"The acquisition of Champagne Henriot will complement and expand our brand portfolio," says Christophe Juarez, General Manager of TEVC. "Together with the existing teams, we will focus on highlighting the brand's unique DNA and values, unlocking its growth potential in luxury markets and traditional distribution channels."

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