Champagne Tops Up

To meet increased market demand, Champagne is stocking up on the maximum yield per hectare for the 2022 harvest.

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Comité-Champagne raises yields for 2022 (Photo:
Comité-Champagne raises yields for 2022 (Photo:

The French Comité Champagne (CIVC) reports that it set the maximum amount at 12,000 kg/ha. This means the maximum hectare yield is 2,000 kg/ha higher than last year and also the highest since 2007.

New Reserve System

The Executive Committee of the Comité has also introduced a new instrument to regulate wine production, which will come into force from the 2022 vintage.

Winemakers shall be granted a "credit for the delayed removal of reserve stocks" if the harvested grapes of a vintage plus the existing reserve of previous years were insufficient to reach the marketable yield set by the Comité. In other words, the winegrower can credit the deficit to a minus account with the Comité de Champagne, which will grant him a credit in this way. If he registers reserve surpluses in the following year, these are set off against the credit. Until now, this was not possible.

The aim is to balance the market, as the committee told MEININGER. The distribution of reserves is approved in Champagne exclusively by the Champagne Committee, e.g. in the event of crop failures, as in 2021.

More Money for the Comité Champagne

In addition, the Executive Committee confirmed that the Comité Champagne's funding has been increased by several million euros. The funds will be allocated to research and development to support the sector in the face of climatic challenges.

Rising Sales

David Chatillon, president of the Union des Maisons de Champagne and co-president of the Comité Champagne, reported that the region sold 130 million bottles in the first half of 2022. This was a 13.8% increase over the same period last year. Exports increased by 16.8 percent (+79.6 mill. bottles). As the market picks up, he anticipates a realistic sales forecast of 352 mill. bottles for 2022.

The appellation's first harvest forecasts will be announced on August 20, 2022, because an early harvest is to be expected. With less than 9% loss due to frost and hail, it looks like it will be a good harvest with an average yield potential of 14,500 kg/ha.




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