Changing of the Guard at Ornellaia

An Italian with a background in Bordeaux will be responsible for winemaking in the future.

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Marco Balsimelli assumes the new role of Production Director at Ornellaia.
Marco Balsimelli assumes the new role of Production Director at Ornellaia.

Ornellaia and Masseto's team has appointed Marco Balsimelli as the new Production Director. Born in 1983 in Italy, he studied Oenology in Florence and Bordeaux and later amassed experiences at Bordeaux Châteaux like Gruaud Larose. Since 2010, he has been working as a consulting oenologist at Laboratoires Boissenot, alongside Eric Boissenot. He has worked for renowned Grands Crus Classés from Bordeaux and also for wineries outside of France.

Balsimelli will be responsible for winemaking as Production Director. He says about this role, “In a terroir with such potential, the task of the technical team is merely to allow nature to show its best side, and that is my goal.”

High-profile departures

The managing director of both wineries, 78-year-old Giovanni Geddes, will retire at the end of the year. His position will be taken over by Fabrizio Dosi, who is already the General Manager of the entire Frescobaldi Group within the company. Following Oenologist Olga Fusari and Director Axel Heinz, who is returning to Bordeaux, Geddes is the third high-profile departure from the renowned Tuscan winery. However, with Dosi and Balsimelli, new forces have been found.


Reacting to low prices and high volumes, the President of the Italian Wine Association (UIV) wants radical action.

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