Court Rules in Favor of García Carrión

A lawsuit against José García Carrión for unfair competition has been dismissed by the Murcia Commercial Court.

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(Photo: sabthai/
(Photo: sabthai/

The first verdict in one of the many legal disputes between J. García Carrión and Félix Solís has been delivered. The conflict, which was decided by the Commercial Court in Murcia, involved unfair competition, specifically comparative advertising. The court dismissed the lawsuit filed by Solís in favor of García Carrión. Solís has announced plans to appeal the decision.

The subject of the lawsuit was a comparative advertising campaign, whose main message was that wines from the García Carrión winery (Don Simón) were 30% cheaper than comparable wines from Félix Solís (Viña Albali). The lawsuit argued that important aspects had been overlooked, but the court in Murcia saw it differently.

The Spanish business magazine Expansión portrays the legal dispute as a personal feud between two men. "Both are self-made businessmen with authoritarian personalities who find it difficult to delegate," it states. They have been filing lawsuits against each other since García Carrión came to Valdepeñas in 2006, the home and headquarters of Solís. Since then, there have been accusations of forgery and even a split within the DO (Denomination of Origin).


The foreign trade agency ICEX is partnering with MUNDUS VINI, a subsidiary of Meininger, to leverage its expertise in organizing competitions for the international tasting event, the ‘Wines from Spain Awards’.

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