Crémant de Bordeaux Sparkles With Promising Growth

While the table wine market in Bordeaux is facing a crisis, there is a notable surge in production and demand for Crémants.

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Crémant de Bordeaux has become a beacon of hope (Photo: hiro.y/
Crémant de Bordeaux has become a beacon of hope (Photo: hiro.y/

Crémant de Bordeaux is experiencing strong growth. In 2022, the appellation produced 91,000 hectoliters of sparkling wine from 1,345 hectares (ca. 3,300 acres) of vineyards, according to the state-owned Organisation de Défense et de Gestion (ODG). This represents an increase of 57% in volume and 42% in area over the previous year.

Dominique Furlan, president of the ODG's Crémant de Bordeaux section, views this as a positive development, according to the trade magazine Vitisphere. He adds that, unlike many of the region's still wines, which sales are in crisis, the demand for Crémant is growing. In addition, there is still a shortage of sparkling wines. So far, Crémant covers less than 2% of the vineyard area in the Bordeaux region.

As far as French Crémant is concerned, Bordeaux is the only appellation that can still grow in terms of volume, unlike Alsace and Burgundy. "So we are on the right track. If the conditions of the vintage are favorable, it is anticipated that the harvest of 2023 will be at least as sizable as that of 2022." 

Focus on the export market

Furlan stresses that they are currently focused on developing the market, particularly for export. Sales of Crémant de Bordeaux reached 74,000 hectoliters last year, indicating a 19% increase compared to 2021. Meanwhile, 30% is exported, as 70% is consumed in the French market, Furlan informs. The average price per bottle currently stands at €5.90.

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Furlan recognizes a market opportunity for Crémant in the mid-price segment, bridging the gap between Champagne and Prosecco/Cava. However, despite this, the value of Crémant de Bordeaux is being elevated. The wine trade's demand for premiumization of Bordeaux Crémants is robust, leading the region to develop new special cuvées with extended aging, the incorporation of wood, or even embracing the Brut Nature style.

Rising demand for French Crémant

Crémant is not only a popular choice in Bordeaux but also in other French Crémant appellations. In a significant development, the Fédération Nationale des Producteurs et Elaborateurs de Crémant (FNPEC) announced in March that sales of French Crémant had surpassed the 100 million mark, a milestone originally projected for 2025. This achievement indicates the growing demand and success of Crémant in the market. ITP



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