E & J Gallo Undergoes Rebranding and Becomes Gallo

The American family-owned company E. & J. Gallo is undergoing a rebranding to strengthen its perception as a leading brand in the wine and spirits sector.

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The new logo (Photo: Gallo)
The new logo (Photo: Gallo)

More than 90 years after the founding of E. & J. Gallo Winery by brothers Ernest and Julio, the company has shortened its corporate name to Gallo. The name change and accompanying logo redesign aim to honor the Italian heritage of the founders and strengthen the perception of Gallo as a leading brand.

Stephanie Gallo, Chief Marketing Officer and a member of the fourth generation, said, "The simplified name removes all limitations; it reflects the family's broad commitment as well as our diverse portfolio of wines and spirits."

Since its inception in 1933, Gallo has evolved from a small winery into a global leader with over 7,000 employees. The expansion into the spirits business began in 1975 with E&J Brandy. Today, the company's portfolio encompasses over 130 brands ranging from entry-level to luxury in the wine and spirits sector. With nearly one billion bottles sold, Gallo is the largest wine producer in the world. Among its most famous brands are Apothic and Barefoot.


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