Freedom to Carry Wine on Airplanes

London City is the latest of London's airports to allow passengers to carry up to two litres of liquid onto the plane with them.

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Bottles of wine queuing to board an old airplane (Photo credit: Dall-E)
Bottles of wine queuing to board an old airplane (Photo credit: Dall-E)

Since November 2006, following the foiling of a terrorist plot, international airline passengers have only been allowed to carry liquid in 100ml or smaller containers onto the plane. This has, unsurprisingly, been highly frustrating to professionals in the wine industry who will now be pleased to learn that, thanks to new high-tech CT scanners, this restriction has been lifted at London City, the UK capital’s smallest international airport. Now, passengers will be allowed to have up to two litres in their carry-on bags.

If all goes according to plan, the new scanners will be introduced at all UK airports by June 2024. The technology has already been adopted in Ireland at Shannon and Donegal airports, in the Netherlands at Schiphol and at Rome-Fiumicino International and Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Italy. Trials are taking place in other European cities, including Barcelona and Madrid.

Travellers intending to take advantage of the new freedom should request the CT scan specifically, rather than simply leaving their bottle of Romanée Conti or Pinot Grigio in their bag.




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