IGP Wines Could Soon See Partial De-Alcoholization

The relevant committee of the INAO (Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualité) intends to allow indications of geographical origin (IGP) for partially dealcoholized wines. However, this can only happen once the protection associations take action.

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Will the IGP label soon also apply to partially dealcoholized wines? (Photo: Frédéric Massard/stock.adobe.com)
Will the IGP label soon also apply to partially dealcoholized wines? (Photo: Frédéric Massard/stock.adobe.com)

Until now, partially dealcoholized wines in France could only be marketed as Vin de France. However, the national institute for origin and quality (INAO) has now released a decision that could change this soon. The IGP committee of the INAO has decided that IGP wines may be dealcoholized up to 6% ABV if the protection associations submit a corresponding application and the new specification is included in their specifications after review by the national committee. Organoleptic checks must be carried out on the wines before and after dealcoholization.

In addition, the protection associations are to be given the opportunity to conduct experiments with even deeper levels of dealcoholization through the 'System for Evaluating Innovations' (DEI) – but only after they have incorporated dealcoholization up to 6% ABV into their specifications. Such experiments, conducted upon request, will be monitored by the scientific and technical committee of the INAO. It should be noted that according to EU law, partially dealcoholized wines may still contain a maximum of 9% ABV residual alcohol. EU law also mandates that the terms 'dealcoholized' or 'partially dealcoholized' must precede the product designation (wine).

According to the French industry publication Viti, these regulations could already be applied to the 2024 vintage wines if the specifications are adjusted quickly enough. Viti also states that the INAO is in talks with EU authorities to allow the blending of wine and partially dealcoholised wine. However, this is not mentioned in the INAO press release. VM


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