InterLoire Has a New Director

The industry association InterLoire has filled the position of General Director.

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Sophie Talbot is taking the helm at the largest association in the Loire.
Sophie Talbot is taking the helm at the largest association in the Loire.

InterLoire has appointed Sophie Talbot as its new General Director. As reported by French trade media, she succeeded Sylvain Naulin on September 25, 2023, who has been the new General Director of the industry association in Burgundy (BIVB) since June.

Previously, Talbot served as the Director of Marketing and Offer Strategy at the InVivo Group and had also managed the Jeanjean winery within the Advini Group in the past. Her primary goal is to bolster the growth of the Loire wine regions on both international and national fronts, in alignment with the "Industry Plan 2030" introduced in 2019, which serves as a blueprint, encompassing commitments related to environmental, social, and health issues.

An initial assessment of this industry plan will be made in June 2024. Sophie Talbot is convinced of the solid strengths of the Loire wine region "in its diversity of appellations, climate zones, and wine types and is determined to contribute to the development and enhancement of the wines of the wine-growing region," as quoted by the president of InterLoire, Lionel Gosseaume.

The association, which consists of 3,000 member companies, claims to produce roughly 80% of the wine volume from the region.

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