New B2B Platform Launched for Streamlining International-Italian Wine Trade

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has launched "Smart 365", a dedicated B2B online platform aimed at enhancing and simplifying international business interactions within the Italian wine sector.

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Logo of the new platform "Smart 365" (Photo: ITA)
Logo of the new platform "Smart 365" (Photo: ITA)

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has launched a new B2B online platform named "Smart 365". As stated in their press release, the platform is designed to "facilitate and simplify trade relations with Italy's wine world."

This innovative platform will grant international importers and traders’ access to the contact details of over 200 Italian wine producers from a range of wine regions. There are plans to further expand this selection. Users can filter wineries by region and wine category, including red, rosé, white, and sparkling wines.

In addition to this, the website will also offer information on upcoming international events across various industries, including fashion and tech. Currently, the platform is accessible in both English and Italian.

Francesco Alfonsi, Director of the German ITA office in Berlin, remarked, “Wines from indigenous grape varieties, exciting new projects, and lesser-known, smaller wineries have garnered significant attention. In an effort to continue this momentum and provide an easy, always accessible means for connection, our Smart 365 platform is now also being launched for the wine industry."


Amazon’s lack of focus on the wine sector has made the platform an attractive option for German distributors who have learned how to exploit it. Felix Bodmann explains.

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