New (Non-Alcoholic) Wines for the German Foreign Office

The German Foreign Office has decided on its new recommended assortment. For the first time, embassies and consulates can also source non-alcoholic wines.

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(Photo: volga/, AI generated)
(Photo: volga/, AI generated)

In collaboration with the German Wine Institute (DWI), the Foreign Office has determined the recommended assortment following a public tender. A total of over 420 wines were initially considered, from which the DWI selected 59 through a blind tasting for the final tasting in Berlin.

This year's assortment consists of four sparkling wines, fifteen white wines, five red wines, and two rosés. For the first time, there are also two non-alcoholic options: the Bischöfliche Weingüter DOM Zero and the Dri.Ver! from the Dr. Hinkel winery.

These wines can be used as recommendations for the procurement by embassies and consulates. They will be served at official events such as receptions or banquets around the globe.

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