Prices for Bordeaux 2023 Well Below the Previous Year

The first prices in the current En Primeur campaign have been released. Expectations are confirmed: prices are significantly lower than the previous year's campaign.

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Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux (Photo: Alexander Demyanenko/
Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux (Photo: Alexander Demyanenko/

Not too many prices have yet been published for the 2023 Bordeaux vintage. But the expectation is already confirmed: the price level is falling.

The trading platform Liv-Ex, for example, speculated in advance that prices would fall by around 3%, bringing them down to around the 2019 level. According to the platform's preliminary report on the 2023 vintage, such a significant reduction would be the only way to sufficiently motivate buyers in the difficult market environment.

Léoville-Las-Cases down –40%

The forecast holds true, and is even exceeded in some cases. Château Léoville-Las-Cases is even calling for a price 40% below the previous year. The bottle costs €138 ex-négociant, the previous vintage was still being traded at €230. But other well-known châteaux have also slashed their prices. Pontet-Canet is trading at €60 per bottle (previous year: €90/bottle, -26.7%), while Lafite-Rothschild (2023: €396/bottle, 2022: €580/bottle, -31.7%) and L'Évangile (2023: €150/bottle, 2022: €216/bottle, -30.6%) are also in a similar range.

The price drop for the second wine, Carruades de Lafite, is slightly less significant. It's now priced at €145 per bottle, representing a reduction of 19.4% from the previous vintage's €180. (All prices according to Liv-Ex.)

Critics agree that there are major differences in quality depending on the vineyard.

Overall, the 2023 vintage is deemed good, though not exceptional. In Bordeaux, conditions were marked by considerable variability, characterized by slow grape development and frequent storms and rainfall throughout the year. However, according to the Bordeaux University vintage report, a heatwave at the end of August was hardly reflected in the wines. Critics agree that there are major differences in quality depending on the vineyard. In addition, compared to 2022, differences between individual appellations have become more pronounced again due to the weather conditions. MS


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