Reh Kendermann opts for new type of packaging

Black Tower will also be marketed in 1.5-litre pouches in future.

Black Tower is no longer only available in glass bottles
Black Tower is no longer only available in glass bottles

The German winery Reh Kendermann from Bingen has invested in a filling line for 1.5-litre pouches. The new plant is said to be able to fill 4,000 of these wine pouches per day. 

"The investment in the new plant enables us to broaden the range of container variants. Especially in Scandinavia – one of our main markets – the 1.5-litre pouch is already very popular," Alexander Rittlinger, CEO of Reh Kendermann, reports about pouches in general. The pouches are to be used primarily for the export brand "Black Tower".

With the new system, the company is relying on the advantages that pouches share with bag-in-box packaging: Oxidation protection for opened wines and a better environmental balance compared to glass bottles. Rittlinger points out that pouches unjustly have a bad image. He is convinced that the popularity of this type of container could also increase in other countries, such as Germany.

In addition, a 1.5-litre pouch offers "more space for attention-grabbing brand impact than conventional wine labels".  

According to the company, Black Tower is the world's most exported wine brand from Germany. Black Tower's sales declined slightly from 13 million bottles to 12.5 million bottles at the end of the 2019/2020 financial year (closing date 30.06.2020) due to Corona. sw


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