Sweden’s Systembolaget Aims for 50% Less Carbon Emissions in Eight Years

The Swedish alcohol monopolist Systembolaget plans to halve its emissions across the entire value chain within eight years. By 2045, the company is aiming for climate neutrality.

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Systembolaget wants to lower its emissions (Photo: Nicolas Herrbach/stock.adobe.com)
Systembolaget wants to lower its emissions (Photo: Nicolas Herrbach/stock.adobe.com)

According to the company, various measures will be required to achieve this goal: starting with the production, e.g. in the vineyard and cellar, through packaging and transport to the retailer, as well as energy consumption in warehouses and retail outlets, and finally, the delivery to the individual customer.

Less Greenhouse Gases

In addition, Systembolaget has set itself the interim goal of producing 90% less greenhouse gases than in 2019 in internal company processes (i.e. not including production in the winery, etc.) as early as 2025. CEO Ann Carlsson Meyer is proud of the "tough and necessary" measures that Systembolaget has imposed on itself and refers to the great responsibility it bears.

Ambitious in Sustainability

Systembolaget's portfolio already includes numerous products in alternative containers such as PET bottles, cans, bag-in-box and Tetra-Pak, all of which have better carbon footprints than the traditional single-use glass bottle. The Nordic alcohol monopolists are generally regarded as ambitious when it comes to sustainability issues. Their monopoly position helps them in this respect, as they hardly have to fear any evasive buying behavior on the part of their customers. 





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