US Imports More Bulk Wine but Exports Less

US imports of bulk wine of around 4.88m, hl marked a new record. Total volumes were 10% higher than in 2021.  

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US wine drinkers consumed more imported bulk wine than ever before (Photo: ©alexlmx2022,
US wine drinkers consumed more imported bulk wine than ever before (Photo: ©alexlmx2022,

According to data from the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV) data published by the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, the $420m (€392m) value of these shipments was 5.5% higher than the previous year, reflecting a lower price per litre of about $0.84 (€0.80) (-4.2%). Exports of US bulk wine over the same period, on the other hand, fell by 27% to about 1.2m hl.

Bulk wine import in volume and value

The largest volumes came from Canada (2.1m hl, +2.2%) and Chile (1m hl, +15%), while the largest volume increases  were recorded by Australia (+137%), Argentina (+89%) and South Africa (+59%). The winner when it comes to value was New Zealand (approx. €87.35m, +13.3%).

The biggest European supplier in volume was Italy (0.1m hl, -5.1%). France had the greatest value ($41m - €38.45m), but this figure was 44% lower than in 2021.This almost certainly reflects the reduction in re-exportation of the bottled wines to the EU following the implementation of Brexit.

Bulk wine accounts for over a third (34%) of total US wine imports. Bottled imports of still wine)fell in volume but rose slightly in value.Sparkling wine imports also rose.

Bulk wine exports

US bulk wine exports mainly go to the UK ($95.8m - €90.15m export value), a fact that is explained by American brands like Gallo bottling in Britain. These shipments fell by over a third (33.9%).

Next in line are France ($16.1m - €15m - +45.8%), Denmark ($10.5 - €9.8m - +21.6%) and Germany ($9.72 - €9.05m, -22.5%).

Export volume was down in almost all of the top ten markets, with the exception of Sweden (+46.5%) and Norway (+3.7%). The volume of bulk wine exports to Japan continued to decline sharply (-56%). In 2017, the country was second most important export market with 16m litres; in 2022, less than 2m litres of bulk wine were shipped to Japan.




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