Veneto Introduces a New Tier: Custoza Riserva

The Venetian region continues to thrive and introduces its new Riserva category. Following the success of the Superiore, the new designation aims to sit atop the quality pyramid.

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Roberta Bricolo announced the new category (Photo: Consorzio Custoza)
Roberta Bricolo announced the new category (Photo: Consorzio Custoza)

The Venetian Consortium of the DOC Custoza has announced that the first Custoza Riserva will soon hit the market. With the introduction of this premiumisation, producers aim to symbolise their qualitative growth. To use the designation, wines must mature for at least twelve months. Other characteristics such as alcohol content and total acidity are identical to the Superiore. The wine profile is expected to exhibit a deeper colour and more intense flavours compared to the Superiore.

Following the amends of the regulations  in 2019, the Consortium has now “decided to introduce the Riserva to the market with the consent of all producers,” says Roberta Bricolo, President of the Custoza Consortium. “The Riservas, along with the Superiores, represent the highest expressions of Custoza, combining research, knowledge of the terroir, and awareness.”

The new category will complement the existing Superiore, which requires only six months of aging compared to the four months for the Custoza Bianco. According to their own statements, the production of Superiore has more than tripled in the last five years. PD

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