Wine Fraud in Bordeaux

There is a new twist in the recently exposed fraud scandal in Bordeaux: previously The Times reported that (several) managers of Celliers Vinicoles du Blayais had been involved in the fraud. The company has now denied this to our sister publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT.

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Wine fraud on trial (Photo: Comugnero Silvana/
Wine fraud on trial (Photo: Comugnero Silvana/

The scandal was mainly about cheap wines from Spain, which had been fraudulently relabelled as high-quality AOP wines. Five suspects are currently on trial.

Damien Malejacq, marketing manager of Celliers Vinicoles du Blayais, emphasises that the company was not involved in the fraud. A (now former) employee of Celliers (and a shareholder of the company which carried out the relabelling of the Spanish wines), who was also privately active as a négociant, had used his position to be able to make the deal. The company itself had always believed that it had purchased French wines. The company is cooperating with the judiciary as a "civil party", but is not itself on trial.



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