Devil’s Advocate: Could Prohibition Make a Comeback?

As the US celebrates 90 years since the repeal of Prohibition, Robert Joseph looks back at the history of liquor bans globally and wonders if they are really a thing of the past.

Reading time: 4m

Alienation Between Politics and Business

Alexandra Wrann looks back at the politics of the past year and wonders whether it is still possible to come to pragmatic decisions that take account of the economic realities of the wine industry. Alexandra Wrann comments.

Reading time: 2m 45s

Devil's Advocate - What's Wrong With Dry January?

Some members of the wine industry have raised their voices against the notion of giving up alcohol during January. Robert Joseph takes a different view.

Reading time: 2m

Is AI the Solution for Everything?

Alexandra Wrann explores ChatGPT's potential in the wine industry – but notes there are limits.

Reading time: 2m 15s

Devil’s Advocate: New EU Labelling Rules; a Spoonful of Sugar and a Pinch of Salt

The new EU labelling laws will compel producers to reveal whether they have sweetened their wines. Robert Joseph welcomes the move – with reservations.

Reading time: 4m 30s

Devil's Advocate - Does Fine Wine Have to Satisfy Purists?

Robert Joseph wonders how far producers can go in their efforts to produce 'fine wine'.

Reading time: 2m 30s

Devil’s Advocate: Carbon Footprints and Taxes are Going to Change How We Drink

Robert Joseph considers the ways in which consumers may be driven to buy more locally-produced wines, with lower alcoholic strengths.

Reading time: 3m 30s

Devil’s Advocate: Who’s Buying Your Wine? How Are You Talking To Them?

Like wines, wine drinkers come in many forms, shapes and sizes. And just as it would make no sense to sell every kind of wine in the same places and in the same ways, effective producers understand how to channel their messaging appropriately toward the people who are most likely to be receptive to it.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Devil’s Advocate: R.I.P. Oddbins, a Once-Great Retail Chain

Robert Joseph looks back at one of the world’s most appealing wine retail businesses.

Reading time: 5m