Devil's Advocate - Defending Michel Rolland's Five-Nation Wine Blend

Michel Rolland has announced the launch of a super-premium wine called Pangaea - the result of blending Bordeaux varieties from 5 countries. Robert Joseph, who previously embraced Penfolds’ French-Californian blend, defends the concept.

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Devil's Advocate: Kylie Minogue, King Charles lll and the Lure of Celebrity Wines

Kylie Minogue has sold 8m bottles of wine & cocktails. Bollinger has a royal warrant, indicating it has been supplying its Champagne to British Kings & Queens for over 150yrs. Robert Joseph considers the enduring appeal of producing for celebrities.

Devil's Advocate: Match Competitors' Prices - or Take the High Ground?

Robert Joseph makes the case for taking the high ground, whether you're a 13th-century monarch or a 21st-century brand owner.

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Devil's Advocate - Personal Memories of ProWein and its Competitors

Robert Joseph looks back across four decades of wine fairs, and at the quiet ascendence of ProWein after a late start.

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Devil’s Advocate: What We Could All Learn From ChatGPT

Robert Joseph thinks about thinking.

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Devil's Advocate - Sommeliers are now the Trendsetters of the Drinks World

Fresh from his experience at the 2023 ASI Meilleur Sommelier du Monde, Robert Joseph suggests that wine service professionals now know more about the drinks industry as a whole than almost anybody else.

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Devil's Advocate: Vinegar or Wine?

Robert Joseph wonders if younger consumers - and sommeliers - are growing more tolerant of volatile acidity than older experts.

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Devil's Advocate: What if the Doctors Didn't Have an 'Anti-Alcohol Agenda'?

Robert Joseph reacts to recent advice about alcohol from the Canadian health authorities, and a US study revealing public ignorance of the link between alcohol, of every kind and a wide range of cancers.

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Ireland's Alcohol Label Plan Faces Strong Opposition

Ireland's introduction of warning labels on alcoholic beverages is heavily criticised by the wine industry. And rightly so. A commentary by Vincent Messmer.

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