Devil's Advocate - Will Young Sommeliers be the Influencers of Tomorrow?

In recent years, traditional wine critics have been increasingly supplanted by young influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Freshly returned from a 'Sommelier Bootcamp'  Robert Joseph wonders if that new breed of communicators might be about to face a challenge of their own.

Reading time: 4m 45s

Devil's Advocate - Making Wine More Than a Summer Romance

There is a huge gap between the wines we enjoy on holiday and what we drink at home. Robert Joseph suggests a possible way to bridge it.

Reading time: 2m

Devil's Advocate - Maximizers and Satisficers? Which are You? And How About Your Customers?

For some people, the quality of the coffee in their cup and wine in their glass really matters. Others are less concerned. To which of these groups are you selling your wine? Robert Joseph takes a closer look.

Reading time: 3m 45s

Devil's Advocate - Yes, People Do Need Help When Choosing Wine

In the wake of the financial difficulties facing the US wine-tech startup, Pix, there is some argument over whether apps and artificial intelligence can ever effectively help people choose bottles of wine. Robert Joseph has a few thoughts on the subject.

Reading time: 5m 10s

Devil's Advocate: Stop Telling Other People What to Do

Freshly returned from Georgia, Robert Joseph reflects on the impact other visitors may be having there.

Reading time: 2m 10s

Devil's Advocate: Unforgettable and Entirely Unmemorable Bottles

Millions of words have been written about wines whose flavours have left a permanent impression on the people who drank them. Robert Joseph spares a thought for all the other bottles whose consumption went unremarked.

Reading time: 2m 40s

Devil's Advocate - When is a Wine Not a Wine?

Supermarket shoppers are increasingly buying beverages in wine bottles that aren't legally wine. Robert Joseph wonders how much this matters.

Reading time: 3m 15s

Devil's Advocate - Fine Wine and the Downside of Sustainable Bottles

Wine producers are increasingly embracing environmentally friendly packaging, which has to be welcomed - but, Robert Joseph says, that trend comes at a cost...

Reading time: 2m 50s

Devil's Advocate - Building Bridges with Academics

Wine professionals and wine business researchers have inhabited very similar bubbles. Robert Joseph suggests that they ought to get together.

Reading time: 4m 15s