Jura Cult Winery Suspected of Laundering Money

The French judiciary has seized the assets of Domaine Ganevat as it investigates money laundering allegations.

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Millésime BIO: Registration Open

Millésime BIO: registrations now open to participate in the biggest professional fair dedicated to organic wines and alcoholic beverages.

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Alternative Wines: Unlocking Potential in a Growing Market

So-called "alternative wines" can be organic, biodynamic, natural, sustainable, or without added sulfites. A global survey reveals which markets show potential.

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Gérard Bertrand and the Renaissance of Rosé and Orange Wines

Can rosé ever be considered fine wine? Gérard Bertrand not only thinks so, he launched the most expensive rosé in the world to prove it. Now he’s got his sights set on orange wine, as Robert Joseph reports.

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Devil's Advocate. Natural Wine: How Things Have Changed

Robert Joseph gained a reputation for being very critical of natural wine, but he's been keeping a watchful eye on its evolution. And encountered a few surprises along the way.

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Treasury Wine Estates Goes Natural. How Long Before There's a 19 Crimes Pet Nat?

Natural wines were, for a long time, associated with individual, iconoclast producers who saw the corporate wine giants as the enemy. Now one of those giants has moved onto their turf.

Organic Wine Fair Bounces Back

France’s leading organic fair, Millésime Bio celebrated a 30th edition in Montpellier this week that was as successful as the 2019 one before the interruption of the pandemic.

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World's Biggest Natural Wine Fair

Natural wine is no longer seen as a fad. As the quality has improved a growing number of restaurants and retailers are now listing at least a few orange wines, Pet Nats and zero-SO2 examples. The la Dive Bouteille fair in Saumur in the Loire claims to be the biggest natural wine event in the world, and showcases wines from France and elsewhere.

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Natural Wine: Entering the French Mainstream?

Natural wine remains a niche but, as Magalie Dubois reveals, it is steadily building a following in France.

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