Supermarket Ties Mean PET Bottle Is Set For Widespread Adoption

The packaging specialist Alpla, in collaboration with the Austrian winery Wegenstein, has developed a PET wine bottle.

Reading time: 45s

Against the Odds: VDP Satisfied With a Challenging 2023

The gap is widening in the association. The economic performance of the wineries varied greatly in 2023 - but was positive overall.

Reading time: 1m 45s

Devil's Advocate: A Rational Argument for the Half-Litre Wine Bottle

After considering the advice of one of the world's most respected wine producers, Robert Joseph calls for smaller wine bottles.

Reading time: 3m 45s

EU Parliament Imposes Sustainable Wine Packaging

The European Parliament has approved a new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. Now it awaits the EU Council's final endorsement.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Aldi UK Introduces Glass Bottle Alternatives

In the UK, the discount retailer Aldi is now filling own-brand wines in "Paperbottles" and flat PET bottles.

Reading time: 1m

Seven Wine Trends in 2024

What are the underlying trends that are shaping the world of wine? Felicity Carter peers into her crystal ball.

Reading time: 6m

Reusable Packaging: New Results of a Customer Survey

The glass manufacturer Verallia has investigated the potential of a reusable system in the wine sector and asked numerous consumers whether and under what conditions they would accept such a system.

Reading time: 1m

Light Bordeaux Bottle Introduced

The European glass manufacturer Verallia has introduced the Bordeaux Air 300G, a very light Bordeaux bottle.

Reading time: 1m

Diverging from EU, Britain Relaxes Wine Legislation and Introduces Confusion

Robert Joseph considers the implications of the UK government decision to dump EU wine rules.

Reading time: 5m