Aldi UK Introduces Glass Bottle Alternatives

In the UK, the discount retailer Aldi is now filling own-brand wines in "Paperbottles" and flat PET bottles.

Reading time: 1m

Seven Wine Trends in 2024

What are the underlying trends that are shaping the world of wine? Felicity Carter peers into her crystal ball.

Reading time: 6m

Reusable Packaging: New Results of a Customer Survey

The glass manufacturer Verallia has investigated the potential of a reusable system in the wine sector and asked numerous consumers whether and under what conditions they would accept such a system.

Reading time: 1m

Light Bordeaux Bottle Introduced

The European glass manufacturer Verallia has introduced the Bordeaux Air 300G, a very light Bordeaux bottle.

Reading time: 1m

Diverging from EU, Britain Relaxes Wine Legislation and Introduces Confusion

Robert Joseph considers the implications of the UK government decision to dump EU wine rules.

Reading time: 5m

Devil's Advocate - Is It Time for the Wine Capsule To Go?

Why do wine producers keep putting capsules on bottles? Robert Joseph considers the issue.

Reading time: 3m 15s

US Launches First Reusable Wine Bottle System

A company in Oregon is launching a multi-use wine bottle system. The bottles are designed to be reused up to 50 times. Reported by Vincent Messmer.

Reading time: 2m

Torres Tests Reusable Packaging

The Spanish wine conglomerate is undertaking a trial run of supplying selected gastronomy establishments with reusable bottles, with potential plans for expansion across Europe.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Recycling Rates in Europe. Glass Lags Behind in Germany

Recycling rates vary widely across, and within Europe. Germany is doing better with paper and plastics than glass, for example.

Reading time: 1m 15s