Stop-Go in UK Approach to Recycling

The topic of glass recycling is at the heart of quite different discussions in two parts of the UK. An initiative, backed by the London Wine Trade Fair is attempting to clarify the situation.

Reading time: 2m 10s

Devil’s Advocate – Forward to the Past. History Repeats Itself with Bulk-Shipping and Wine on Draught

Robert Joseph notes that, in some ways, the wine industry of the 2020s is increasingly beginning to look the way it did a hundred years ago...

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Glass Prices Remain High While Bottlers Hoard Stocks

While energy costs are falling, glass prices remain high. Vincent Messmer searches for clues. 

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Scotland’s Bottle Return Scheme Moves Forward – Despite Trade Opposition

The northernmost part of the UK is planning to bring in a return scheme for bottles and cans this summer to improve its poor recycling rates. Many in the British drinks industry would prefer it not to. 

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Is Fine Wine in Sustainable Packaging A Contradiction?

Wine producers are reducing water use, increasing organic matter in their soil, and doing everything they can to support the environment. Now, says Roger Morris, they are also re-thinking packaging.

Reading time: 5m

Devil's Advocate - It Isn't Easy Being Green

Switch to lighter glass, say the wine media. Give us commercially appealing packaging say the customers. Robert Joseph considers the challenges facing 21st century producers.

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Can the Nordic Monopolies Turn the Drinks World Green?

Scandinavia’s five alcohol monopolies have launched a joint program to combat climate change. Petri Pellinen considers its practicality.

Reading time: 12m

Alternative Packaging: Everything But Glass

Alternative packaging in the wine industry promotes climate benefits. What possibilities are there to replace the emission-intensive disposable glass? Vincent Messmer reports.

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Reh Kendermann opts for new type of packaging

Black Tower will also be marketed in 1.5-litre pouches in future.