New Leadership at Angelini Wines & Estates

Following Andrea Lonardi's transition, Angelini Wines & Estates announces the appointment of a new CEO.

Reading time: 1m 15s

The Top 10 New World Wineries

Some of the biggest wineries in the world are headquartered in North America and Australia. Here are 10 of the biggest.

Reading time: 4m 15s

Prosecco Riserva on the Rise?

The Prosecco consortium is planning to introduce a new, premium level.

Reading time: 45s

The World of Wines in Facts and Numbers

ProWein is all about strengthening business ties or establishing new ones. But what is the main topic of discussion for each wine-growing region right now? To help you get the conversation started at the different trade fair stands, we have compiled an overview of the most important facts for each country.

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German Winegrowers Face Rising Costs and Falling Incomes

Farmers in Germany face fluctuating earnings, making subsidies an important part of their income. In 2023, their earnings were high — but there are huge differences in the sector. 

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France Bolsters Wine Sector with €80m Injection

The farmers' protests in France bear rich fruits – yet bureaucratic processes remain unchanged.

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An Insider Discusses What It Really Takes to Make Lightweight Glass

Karsten Fuchs, the Head of Sales and Marketing at Verallia Germany, discusses with Meininger's International and its sister magazine Weinwirtschaft about lightweight glass, reusable packaging and the challenges posed by shortages in the glass market.

Reading time: 8m 30s

Australia’s Wine Swimming Pool

Three different problems converged on Australia’s wine producers, leaving them awash in excess wine. Felicity Carter hears what’s being done to drain the pool.

Reading time: 6m 30s

The Grower-Champagne Success Story that Never Happened

Today, despite the increase in the media attention grower-Champagnes receive, they only produce around 18% of their region's fizz - compared to 25% at the turn of the century. Robert Joseph provides the background to a statistic many may find surprising.

Reading time: 5m