Bordeaux Vineyard Lose Half Their Value

In large parts of Bordeaux vineyards can be bought for 45% less than five years ago. Elsewhere in France some specific appellations fared far better than others.

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Frost and Hail Wreak Havoc on Europe's Vineyards

Late frost in April caused damage to Europe's largest wine-producing nations. Then, on 1st May, a hailstorm struck Chablis, with devastating consequences.

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Prices for Bordeaux 2023 Well Below the Previous Year

The first prices in the current En Primeur campaign have been released. Expectations are confirmed: prices are significantly lower than the previous year's campaign.

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Devil's Advocate: The Only Solution for Bordeaux - Cut Volumes and Raise Prices

As top critics head for Bordeaux to taste 2023 samples of wine selling en primeur at prices from €20 to €200 or more, Robert Joseph looks at the 'other' Bordeaux that the giant supermarket chain Carrefour is selling at prices that compete with Red Bull and Coca Cola. 

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Bordeaux for €1.66 Angers Producers

Several French associations are collectively protesting against dumping prices and are advocating for a minimum price of €3 per bottle.

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Protests Against Négociant in Bordeaux

Castel Frères, the largest négociant in Bordeaux, also becomes the target of protests by the region's winegrowers. They are demanding better prices for their products.

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Négociants Face Fines for Undercutting Winemaker Prices

Two merchants in France were penalized for purchasing bulk wine from producer Rémi Lacombe at prices below the production cost, establishing a significant legal precedent.

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Troubled Times for French Wine

Producers are protesting and revolution is in the air. Louise Hurren reports from France.

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Margaux Launches New Second Wine

2022 marks the first vintage from which Château Margaux has produced a second wine for its Pavillon Blanc.

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