Vladimir Putin and his Friends – Taking Control of Russian Wine

When he is not focusing his attention on his invasion of Ukraine, the Russian president and his entourage take a particular interest in wine. Last year, laws allowing domestic wine to be described as shampanskoe on official labels while Champagne could only be called ‘sparkling wine’ hit the headlines. But, as Sergey Panov reveals, other moves have been far more significant.

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Russia and Ukraine – the Wider Implications

Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine raises unhappy memories in Georgia which suffered a similar fate in 2008 -  as well as current fears there and in Moldova which will also have to provide sanctuary to Ukrainians who flee across its border

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Massandra, historic Crimean estate, has been sold

The historic Massandra winery founded by Prince Leo Golitsyn, was sold on 14 December. Igor Serdyuk has the story.

A new wine group emerges in Russia

Two Russian billionaires have been snapping up important wine assets. Eugene Gerden reports.

The game of wines

Wine has played an integral role in Crimea for more than 120 years. But now it’s caught in the crossfire of great power politics, finds Felicity Carter.