Rhône Styles: Time to Adopt Plan B(lanc)

Red wine regions are currently facing challenges, including the Rhône region. In response to declining consumption, the focus has shifted to the style of wine produced. Alexandra Wrann and Iris Trenkner-Panwitz report.

Reading time: 8m

Devil’s Advocate: Avoid the Value for Money Trap

Robert Joseph takes a different view of how attractively-priced wines are perceived.

Reading time: 4m

Falling French Consumption Drives Rhône Valley Wine to Focus on Exports

Climate change, inflation, and falling wine consumption are all challenging the Rhône Valley. Felicity Carter hears the plans for the future.

Reading time: 6m

Vieux Télégraphe: From the Southern Rhône to Lebanon

Named after the old telegraph tower, the Rhône vineyard now covers several 100 ha in and outside France. 

Reading time: 1m 30s

The Rhône Valley Bets Big on White Wine

The Rhône Valley is preparing for the challenges of climate change by testing hybrid grapes, among other measures. Iris Trenkner-Panwitz reports.

Reading time: 4m 15s