Challenging Times for Washington State Wines

The second biggest wine-producing state of the Union has always been in the shadow of California, its neighbour. Now, as its largest winery announces cutbacks, producers are going to have to give more thought to exports. Chris Losh reports.

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Interview with Charles Smith

Former rock group manager, Washington State winemaker Charles Smith released his first vintage – of just 330 cases - in 2001. Over the next 13 years, he was named Winemaker of the Year by three publications, including the Wine Enthusiast, and his eye-catchingly labeled and full-flavoured wines had become pat of the US wine landscape. In 2016, he sold five of his brands to Constellation for $120m. WEINWIRTSCHAFT asked him a few questions. 

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Ste. Michelle Wine Estates sells for $1.2 billion

Tobacco company Altria is divesting its wine business.

The story behind: Chateau Ste. Michelle

How a dairy farm became a modern wine company.

A tour through Washington State viticulture

Washington State is unique in many ways: the climate that characterises the Pacific coast of the North American continent, the geology, which lacks nothing in drama; and a dynamic producer scene eager to experiment, quality-conscious, enterprising. Hermann Pilz reports.

An inside look at the Washington DC ontrade

Washington, DC, seat of the federal government for the US, is an autonomous district, and as such it is unencumbered from certain state regulations, notably those which influence the import and distribution of alcohol — a twist that has helped create one of the nation’s most diverse and creative beverage scenes. The mix of universities and government representatives (and lobbyists in tow) keeps the District’s demographics skewed young, intelligent, affluent and out on the town, factors that no doubt have contributed to DC leading the nation in wine consumption per capita, and by a good margin. Scott Saunders speaks to wine scene representatives.