CEEV Demands Proceedings Against Ireland

The dispute over Irish labeling regulations is entering the next phase. A procedure for breach of contract is imminent.

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Freedom to Carry Wine on Airplanes

London City is the latest of London's airports to allow passengers to carry up to two litres of liquid onto the plane with them.

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EU: Are New Greenwashing Regulations on the Horizon?

The EU Commission has proposed a directive against misleading environmental and sustainability claims. The EU Parliament and the European Council must approve the proposal for it to come into force.

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More Environmental Protection in Saint-Émilion

Winemakers in several Bordeaux AOPs must show environmental certification.

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No Valentine's Day Gift

On Tuesday, 14 February, Sarah Wiener (AT, Greens), in her capacity as rapporteur of the ENVI Committee on the EU-Regulation on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products (SUR), published her eagerly awaited report.  

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France: No Likes for 'Drinkfluencers'

The French judiciary has forced the Meta Group (Instagram, Facebook) to delete content from influencers who posted "unauthorised advertisements" for alcoholic drinks. As the newspapers Le Figaro and Sud-Ouest and the TV station BFM and Drinks Business reported, the 20 influencers fell foul of laws originally passed in 1991.

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Ireland's Plan for Alcohol Labels Reaches the WTO

Ireland has notified WTO of its draft regulations on the labelling of alcoholic beverages. The Assembly of European Winegrowing Regions (AREV), criticises Ireland's push for alcohol labelling at a national level and calls for a clear counter-position by the EU.

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Ireland's Alcohol Label Plan Faces Strong Opposition

Ireland's introduction of warning labels on alcoholic beverages is heavily criticised by the wine industry. And rightly so. A commentary by Vincent Messmer.

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A Loophole for Plant Protection

The EU Commission's strict plans to ban the use of plant protection products in certain protected areas are now off the table in their original form, however, the issue is far from over. The draft of the "Nature Restoration Law" provides for far-reaching restrictions. Alexandra Wrann reports.

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