Small Country with Big Heart wins Big Recognition

Moldova, is a significant wine exporter, despite its small population and area. Until now, however, it has often gone unnoticed. This year, thanks in part to the tragic events taking place in its neighbour, Ukraine, that has changed.

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Moldava wins recognition (Photo: Jarp/AdobeStock)
Moldava wins recognition (Photo: Jarp/AdobeStock)

Moldova the small nation whose eastern frontier is with Ukraine, and which has a Russian-backed separatist region to worry about, has attracted press coverage due to the number of refugees it has welcomed. One of the poorest nations in Europe, its 4m citizens have housed more Ukrainians, per head of population than anywhere else.

The news of these efforts, including the conversion of restaurants and other areas within the Vinaria Purcari winery caught the attention of international media such as CNN, DW and Bloomberg, which have rarely had much reason to mention Moldova in the past. These news stories led to the description of Moldova as a ‘small country with a big heart’ which is has gained some traction.

Recently, Moldova’s wine industry has had other reasons to talk to foreign media. First, there was the success of Fautor Negre 2017, one of its leading wines at the 2022 Concours Mondial Bruxelles, where it earned the highest score of any red in the over 5,000 entered into the competition. Other wines also won sufficient medals to place Moldova ninth is the overall rankings.

Next came a set of top nominations and awards for Moldovan wineries in the 2021-2022 Wine Travel Awards where Vinaria Purcari won the prize for Brand – the visiting card of its country and Vinuri de Comrat which was recognised for the creative strategy of its wine tourism offering.




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