Austrian Sekt: Sparkling Opportunities

Austria has an incredibly diverse assortment of high quality sparkling wines that offer exceptional enjoyment for the price.

Premium sparkling wine: Austrian Sekt g.U. / Credit: ÖWM - Blickwerk-Fotografie
Premium sparkling wine: Austrian Sekt g.U. / Credit: ÖWM - Blickwerk-Fotografie

Popping open a bottle of bubbly is no longer reserved for end-of-year celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and extraordinary achievements. It has become a lifestyle beverage that can be enjoyed every day. It is paired with food and also welcomed as a base for delicious low-alcohol cocktails. Austria offers an incredibly diversified range of styles, categories and price points that meet modern consumer demands.

The tiny country Austria can never compete with high volumes of sparkling wine on the international market. The country aspires to occupy a respected niche in the premium sector and this is being recognised increasingly internationally. Export figures from the first half of 2021 show an increase of 45 %. 

Austrian sekt from protected designations of origin (g.U.) are recognisable by three labelled quality categories – Klassik, Reserve, and Große Reserve – accompanied by the red-white-red inspection seal on the top of the bottle. 


 Credit: ÖWM

While the Sekt g.U. Klassik category is synonymous with freshness, vivid lightness and simple pleasure, Sekt g.U. Reserve must mature on the lees for a significantly longer period (at least 18 months), and bottle fermentation is mandatory. This places it in the same league as Spumante, Cava and French Crémant. Sekt g.U. Grosse Reserve has a justified claim to being one of the best sparkling wines in the world, on par with the likes of Franciacorta and Champagne.

Like Austrian quality wines, all quality levels of Sekt g.U. – Klassik, Reserve and Grosse Reserve – are culinary talents and welcome accompaniments with a wide variety of dishes.


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