Bordeaux enters a new era

Bordeaux’s winegrowers are rising to the twin challenges of climate change and the changing consumer palate.

New Bordeaux meets the old ways
New Bordeaux meets the old ways

For more than 20 years, Bordeaux has been committed to responsible and sustainable viticulture and diversity. The regional goals are ambitious: all vineyards in the region—100% of them—are to be fully sustainable by 2030.

Great strides have already been made towards this goal.

Not only that, but Bordeaux is responding to consumer demands, investing in high quality Crémant production and working to promote the many refreshing, charming white wines of the region.

It’s innovation meets tradition, captured in the bottle.

For a deep dive into this fascinating region, open this pdf.

The Top 50 wines chosen to reflect this pioneering work can be found here.



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