Domäne Baumgartner, Austria’s largest winery

Tradition with passion and innovation, from the heart of Austria’s Weinviertel.

Domäne Baumgartne
Domäne Baumgartne

Wineries of considerable size are now the norm around the world; however, these companies are very often owned by investors, while the number of traditional family businesses is limited.

Domäne Baumgartner in Untermarkersdorf, in the quiet Pulkautal valley in the Weinviertel, is different. While it’s the largest winery in Austria, with vineyards across 200 ha, it has been in the same family since it was first founded in 1725.

This has been possible above all thanks to the good cooperation between the generations and the common desire not to replace proven experience unconditionally with new, untested ideas, but to continuously improve on what is already working. Particularly noteworthy here is the “Taste the Music” wine line, also known as “Bâtonnage en musique”. After fermentation, the fine lees are kept suspended with music – a natural form of bâtonnage.

Winemaker Katharina Baumgartner has received awards at several reputable international wine competitions, from New York to Hong Kong, for these “singing” wines, along with her own “By Katharina” collection and the “Domäne Baumgartner” line – she has proved she is a master of crafting the highest quality wines, whether she is working with small batches or large volumes.

The Baumgartner family also has the distinction of being one of the most important producers of Grüner Veltliner Reserve wines and of the Veltliner Weinviertel DAC. The company’s IFS, BIO and Sustainable Austria certifications attest to its high quality standards.

The capacity of the modern winery – with its grape processing capacity of 12m kilograms of grapes, and approximately 15m litres of storage capacity – means Domäne Baumgartner can offer wines for private labels and can ship wines in flexitank to export markets.

More information:
Domäne Baumgartner
2061 Untermarkersdorf, Austria
Tel: +43 2943 2590

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