Finca Las Moras

Breaking Rules and Setting New Trends.

Dadá from Finca Las Moras
Dadá from Finca Las Moras

The secret of Finca Las Moras lies in the earth that gives rise to its wines. Hidden high in the hills on the slopes of the Andes, unique terroirs are found at up to 1,400 metres above sea level. Small, remote, isolated vineyards with varying elevations, diverse microclimates and multiple grape varieties – Finca Las Moras produces wines in three different valleys of San Juan with each valley contributing its own history, personality, and charisma.


Finca Las Moras vineyard in the San Juan region of Argentina


Since its inception in 2001, the winery has set benchmarks with unique wines that break norms, wines that surprise and please with something new and unique. Winemaker Eduardo Casademont states, “We do not strive to produce wines that are simply liked, but aspire to search deeper, to touch a nerve, to trigger an emotion impossible to describe. The goal is to produce wines that are worthy inspiration for thoughtful moments – special wines that awaken something in people.” Indeed, Finca Las Moras sets trends in Argentine oenology. Its role as international ambassador for the country grows with each vintage.


High altitude and plenty of sunshine result in concentration of colour, flavour and aroma


The only rule in DADÁ’s world is not having any rule at all

Finca Las Moras newest brand, DADÁ, is a series of irreverent wines conceived for wine lovers who dare question traditions, for those who rebel and challenge the status quo. Inspired by the dadaism artistic movement that rejected the logic, reason, and aestheticism of capitalist society, Dadá breaks the rules to create exciting new sensory experiences. The series includes innovative white, red, sweet, and sparkling wines.


Dadá Incrediblends, harmonious sensory experiences irreverent of tradition


Dadá N°1 offers refreshing red fruit and vanilla while Dadá N°2 is deep and moody with blackberry, cassis and mocha. The spicy Dadá N°3 delights with pepper, cinnamon, coconut, and liquorice. The supple Dada N°8 seduces with dried fruit, chocolate, and caramel. New to the series are the Dadà Incrediblends that achieve harmony by enhancing the national hero, Malbec, with other varieties like Tempranillo, Cabernet or Sangiovese.


Inspiring wines for special moments


Dadá is quickly attracting fans at home and abroad. It is already the second most powerful brand in Ireland according to Wine Intelligence and has increased sales in Germany by 50 % despite the pandemic.



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